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This is my confessions...

My secret obsessions are these two songs - Anything But Oridnary by Avril Lavigne and Come Clean by Hilary Duff. I feel like they're the theme songs to my life. But it's deeper than that. I listen to other music, of course. But 9 times out of 10 I'm listeing to one of these two songs. In fact I'm listeng to Come Clean right now. I'm really ashamed of it. I avoid conversation of these songs (especially Anything But Ordinary because I connect with them the best) and when they come up I blush like crazy. Not a day can go by without me listening to one of these songs. I even have different activities picked out for them. Come Clean for reading books or whenever and Anything But Ordinary when I'm reading fanfiction or when I'm feeling depressed. It's extra sad that I know every single beat and little ding of these songs.

I guess that's it for now. I have plenty more obessessions(sp?) up my sleeve.

By the way, what postions are still available? I'd like to have one.
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