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How's this for desire?

Joined today, and this is my first post.

Recently, an old, bisexual friend has come back into my life. We used to hang out a lot, but she moved away and we lost track of each other. Occasionally, we'd drop each other a line saying how we were doing, and during one of those lines, I mentioned how I'd had this amazing crush on her in college. To my surprise, she wrote back telling me how she had a crush on me, too! And the kicker...a mutual friend knew about our mutual crushes and didn't say anything because he wanted her for himself.


Well, she'd had a breakup with her boyfriend and decided she'd had enough dick and wanted nothing but sweet pussy. She wanted me, only I was too dumb and ignorant of this at the time. She dropped hint after hint after hint, and I didn't get it. So, we both went our separate ways. She ended up meeting a guy who she dated for a long time afterward, and I started dating a woman I'm still with almost 9 years later.

And now she's back.

Kind of.

We've been IMing a lot this past week...a LOT. Catching up on the news in our lives, and all I can think about is how much I still want her...how much I ache for her to touch me in a way she never has.


I started a new journal where I could muse in anonymous safety, but I still want someone to talk to. All of my friends are also my partner's friends, and although I feel safe discussing private stuff with many of them, I don't dare discuss this with them.

The problem is that I'm going to be in her neck of the woods in a couple of weeks, and we made plans to get together. When I mentioned I was going to stay at a hotel, she said, "Oh, no! You can stay with us (she and her husband)." I mentioned already that we've been chatting on IM, and all I can think of is how much I want her soft, wet mouth on my pussy, and how much I want to play with her breasts, and how I want to lie naked with her...and I'm going to be spending the night in the house she shares with her husband?

Bloody hell!

If nothing else, I'm sure to masturbate furiously while I'm there. Oh god, how I want more than that! My clit and nipples are hard just thinking about it!

So let me open this up for discussion...you're in my place. What would you do?
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