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Shamless Self Expression

Everything society told us not to do...we did it anyway

Your forbidden pleasure
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Welcome to Dirt Cheap Desire

Dirt Cheap Desire is a place to express all your forbidden lusts and interests that nobody would understand. Anything from having a crush on your best friend to that Barry Manilow concert you went to last night. If you just need a place to vent it, and your personal livejournal isnt cutting it-this is the place for you.

.What we like to see.
1)Life Stories
2)Your fantasies/stories
3)Pictures of you, pictures of things you like, pictures of your daily adventures (all non work safe must be put behind a cut)
4)Your problems or issues (this is partially an advice community)
5)Posts about things your passionate about

.What we dont like to see.
1)Rape fantasies
2)Underage sexual exploitation
3)Beastiality, necrophilia, ect..
4)Unintelligent posts or actions
5)Racism, sexism or discrimination
6)Criticism or mean comments
8)Fan fiction/slash-there are other communities for that

All High Moderator

(Positions still availible, please apply)

Have fun and post lots!